COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to lockdown measures, Firearms Safety and R Licence tests are currently on hold until restructions ease. If you're intested in attending, please register on our calendar event here and will will contact you once testing resumes.


Firearms Licences (NSW Police)


What is the Firearms Safety Course?

Prior to submitting an application for a NSW Firearms Licence or Minor’s Permit, you will need to pass a Firearms Safety assessment. 

The course comprises of both a theory and a practical component. The theory part is a closed-book multiple choice test consisting of 30 questions (adults) or 10 questions (minors). The pass mark for the theory 83% (25/30) for adults or 70% (7/10) for minors. The practical assessment both adults and minors must complete all 18 tasks provided by the trainer and obtain a pass mark of 100%.

Firearms Safety / R Licence tests

To book please sign up for membership and select the test option. 

For exisiting members or juniors wanting to sit the test, simply contact us to discuss. 


How do I apply for a Firearms Licence?



Visit the Online Firearms Applications page of the NSW Police Community Portal. A link is provided below for your convenience.


How do I apply for a Minor's Permit (between the ages of 12 and 18)?

Download and complete an Application for a Minor's Permit from the NSW Police website via this link, as well as a Minor's Firearm Permit Legitimate Reason Form. These are then both posted off, along with proof of idetifcation and safety test accreditation to the Firearms Registry.


Study document for Firearms Safety tests:


Firearms and Hunting Safety (long-arms) Course 



R-Licence (DPI)


How do I apply for a Game Hunting (R) Licence?


Firstly you will need to be a member of an approved Hunting Club like IHC, and then successfully complete a face-to-face assessment in order to apply for a licence directly through the DPI. Once you have sucessfully passed the R Licence accreditration course, follow the below instructions to lodge your R Licence application. 


Click this link to be taken to the DPI website and create a new application.

1) Under “Licence Details” select Restricted Standard from the drop down list, this type will allow you to hunt game on both private and public land.

2) Your “Categories” will have defaulted to “No”, change these to match your R Licence Accreditation certificate provided by IHC (Firearms, Bows, Dogs, Black Powder).

NOTE: If you do not yet have a valid firearms licence, you can still apply for the firearms category but can not legally hunt with firearms until you hold a valid firearms licence.

3) Native Game Birds is a separate assessment and provided only by the DPI. Do not tick unless you have previously completed a Water Foul Identification Test.

4) Approved Hunting Organisation will be Illawarra Hunting Club, the R-Licence Accreditation Number is the red number on the top right corner of your accreditation certificate and trainer number will be hand written in the middle section.

5) Please save and upload the digital membership card found in your confirmation email as proof of membership.  

6) Once completed and licence fee paid to the DPI, they will send you a confirmation email. On first login to the DPI website, you will need to complete two additional online modules on Written Permissions and Navigation before booking your first hunt.