What is the Firearms and Hunting Safety (Long-arms) Course?

Prior to submitting your application for a NSW Firearms Licence or Minor’s Permit, you will need to pass the Firearms Safety and Hunting (long arms) Course. We can arrange this for you, simply lodge a test request via the form above and we will be in contact. You will also need to provide a Genuine Reason to obtain a licence/permit along with your application, membership with IHC can satisfy this requirement.

The NSW DPI Firearms and Hunting Safety (Long-arms) Course is a face-to face course designed to demonstrate knowledge and ability in safely handling a firearm.

The course comprises of both a theory and a practical component. The theory part is a closed-book multiple choice test consisting of 30 questions (adults) or 10 questions (minors). The pass mark for the theory 83% (25/30) for adults or 70% (7/10) for minors. The practical assessment both adults and minors must complete all 18 tasks provided by the trainer and obtain a pass mark of 100%.

In preparation for the course please download a copy of the study material below and a P650 form below.


How do I apply for a NSW Adult Firearms Licence (individual)?


Once you have successfully passed the Firearms Safety and Hunting (long arms) Course and have a Genuine Reason, create an account with Service NSW via their website (click here) and ‘link NSW Police Force’ under ‘Services’.

Select apply for a firearms licence (individual) under NSW Police and follow the steps online.

If you would like to use IHC as your Genuine Reason to obtain a licence, select ‘Recreational Hunting/Vermin Control’ as well as BOTH Category A and Category B (these are your rifle types).

Choose ‘Hunting Club Membership’ and enter the information found in the Membership Confirmation email sent from IHC after your membership has been processed.

How do I apply for a NSW Permit on behalf of a minor (between the ages of 12 and 18)?

Download and complete an Application for a Minor's Permit from the NSW Police website via this link, as well as a Minor's Firearm Permit Legitimate Reason Form. These are then both posted off, along with proof of idetifcation and safety test accreditation to the Firearms Registry.



Study document for Firearms Safety tests:


Firearms and Hunting Safety (long-arms) Course 



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NSW Police P650 Form