What is the Firearms and Hunting Safety (Long-arms) Course?

Prior to submitting your application for a NSW Firearms Licence or Minor’s Permit, you will need to pass the Firearms Safety and Hunting (long arms) Course. We can arrange this for you, simply lodge a test request via the form above and we will be in contact. You will also need to provide a Genuine Reason to obtain a licence/permit along with your application, membership with IHC can satisfy this requirement.

The NSW DPI Firearms and Hunting Safety (Long-arms) Course is a face-to face course designed to demonstrate knowledge and ability in safely handling a firearm.

The course comprises of both a theory and a practical component. The theory part is a closed-book multiple choice test consisting of 30 questions (adults) or 10 questions (minors). The pass mark for the theory 83% (25/30) for adults or 70% (7/10) for minors. The practical assessment both adults and minors must complete all 18 tasks provided by the trainer and obtain a pass mark of 100%.

In preparation for the course please download a copy of the study material below and a P650 form below.


How do I apply for a NSW Adult Firearms Licence (individual)?



In order to apply for a NSW Firearms License, you will need to create an account with Service NSW via their website and complete your application online (click here). Once logged in, click ‘Apply online’.

1) Select ‘new application’ and fill in the fields that will appear below.

2) Upload a copy of your Firearms safety training certification; this would have been given to you at the completion of your course.

3) To use IHC as your Genuine Reason for obtaining a licence, select ‘Recreational Hunting/Vermin Control’ as well as BOTH Category A and Category B (these are your rifle types).

4) Choose ‘Hunting Club Membership’ and enter the information found below:

Principal hunting club name: Illawarra Hunting Club

Hunting club approval number: See confirmation email

Hunting club membership number: See membership card

5) Please save a copy of your Membership Card embedded into this email and upload with your application as proof of membership.

NOTE: IHC also recommend uploading a copy of your legal identification in the additional details or supporting evidence to avoid delays in processing your application.

The Firearms Registry will apply a mandatory 28 day waiting period to you application (plus processing time/postage), once approved you will receive further instructions and a photo advice in the mail.


How do I apply for a Minor's Permit (between the ages of 12 and 18)?

Download and complete an Application for a Minor's Permit from the NSW Police website via this link, as well as a Minor's Firearm Permit Legitimate Reason Form. These are then both posted off, along with proof of idetifcation and safety test accreditation to the Firearms Registry.



Study document for Firearms Safety tests:


Firearms and Hunting Safety (long-arms) Course 



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NSW Police P650 Form