Game Hunting Licences (Public and Private Land)

Illawarra Hunting Club is an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO) and certified Hunter Learning, Education and Accreditation Program (LEAP) provider by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI). We work closely with the Game Licensing Unit to offer training and support in various elements such as Game Hunting Licence accreditation and short courses.


In order to hunt on public land or Game animals on Private Land in NSW you will need a Licence provided by the DPI. The type of Licence needed will depend on the animal being hunted and where. Most common types of licences for hunters are 'R' (restricted Standard) and 'G' (General Standard).


What is the difference between an 'R' and a 'G' Licence?

Detailed information on each licence type can be found on the DPI website, however the main difference is an ‘R’ Licence will allow you to hunt Non-Indigenous game animals (such as various deer species) on public and private land, whereas a ‘G’ Licence allows for private land hunting only.


How do I apply for a Game Hunting Licence?

Illawarra Hunting Club is an approved hunting organisation (AHO) and can assess for both Restricted (R) Standard and General (G) Standard hunting licences. Firstly you will need to be a member of an approved Hunting Club like IHC, and then successfully complete a face-to-face assessment in order to apply for a licence directly through the DPI. Once you have sucessfully passed the R Licence accreditration course, follow the below instructions to lodge your R Licence application. 


Click this link to be taken to the DPI website and create a new application.

1) Under “Licence Details” select Restricted Standard from the drop down list, this type will allow you to hunt game on both private and public land.

2) Your “Categories” will have defaulted to “No”, change these to match your R Licence Accreditation certificate provided by IHC (Firearms, Bows, Dogs, Black Powder).

NOTE: If you do not yet have a valid firearms licence, you can still apply for the firearms category but can not legally hunt with firearms until you hold a valid firearms licence.

3) Native Game Birds is a separate assessment and provided only by the DPI. Do not tick unless you have previously completed a Water Foul Identification Test.

4) Approved Hunting Organisation will be Illawarra Hunting Club, the R-Licence Accreditation Number is the red number on the top right corner of your accreditation certificate and trainer number will be hand written in the middle section.

5) Please save and upload the digital membership card found in your confrirmation email as proof of membership.  

6) Once completed and licence fee paid to the DPI, they will send you a confirmation email. On first login to the DPI website, you will need to complete two additional online modules on Written Permissions and Navigation before booking your first hunt.


Do fire danger ratings affect hunting in NSW State forests?

You must not hunt a State forest during a Total Fire Ban issued by the Rural Fire Service (RFS). Before leaving for a NSW State Forest trip, remember to check the RFS website for up to date information on current fires and total fire bans. Links are provided below.

When signs are displayed at State forest entrances stating Sold Fuel Bans are in place, campfires or barbecues using charcoal, wood or other solid fuels are not permitted.


RFS Fires Near Me


Fire Danger Ratings


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