Online R-Licence


Online R-Licence Testing

In these unprecedented times, Face-to-face R-Licence training is off the table with social distancing and non-essential travel requirements keeping everyone at home. 

DPI have adapted the R-Licence Accreditation Course into a no-contact format, so hunters can get qualified and licensed, ensuring you're ready to hunt when restrictions ease. 

What you will need:

- Valid email address

- Computer with reliable internet connection or smartphone

- Video chat capibilities 

Simply order for your R-Licence test by clicking HERE, and we will contact you to arrange a time (likely outside of regular business hours). 



How do I apply for my R-Licence?


Click this link to be taken to the DPI website and create a new application.


1) Under “Licence Details” select Restricted Standard from the drop down list, this type will allow you to hunt game on both private and public land.

2) Your “Categories” will have defaulted to “No”, change these to match your R Licence Accreditation certificate provided by IHC (Firearms, Bows, Dogs, Black Powder).

NOTE: If you do not yet have a valid firearms licence, you can still apply for the firearms category but can not legally hunt with firearms until you hold a valid firearms licence.

3) Native Game Birds is a separate assessment and provided only by the DPI. Do not tick unless you have previously completed a Water Foul Identification Test.

4) Approved Hunting Organisation will be Illawarra Hunting Club, the R-Licence Accreditation Number is the red number on the top right corner of your accreditation certificate and trainer number will be hand written in the middle section.

5) Please save and upload the digital membership card found in your confirmation email as proof of membership. Contact the club if you cannot locate a copy. 

6) Once completed and licence fee paid to the DPI, they will send you a confirmation email. On first login to the DPI website, you will need to complete two additional online modules on Written Permissions and Navigation before booking your first hunt.